Mr. Cannoli Premium Ejuice Review

Some tastes just leave a very good impression in your mouth and it makes you crave for more. For instance, I truly can’t forget the very first time I ate cannoli. I quickly fell in love with them, thanks to my love for Italian food. But in case you are wondering what cannoli are, these are a tube-shaped shell of fried dough brimmed with a sweet, creamy filling of ricotta cheese. Other fillings possible will include chocolate chips, candied fruit bits, sliced almonds, or powdered sugar.

Before, this delicacy was enjoyed only during Carnival (or the indulgent period leading up to lent). But today, you can find cannoli all year round. But let’s admit it, no matter how we love them, we can’t enjoy them as much as we want every day. Thankfully, Dynamic Creations brought Mr. Cannoli vape juice to life, and nothing has ever come closer to real cannoli than this juice. Check my review and see if this truly has a sister taste from the actual tubular treats. Visit

“Pass the Cannoli! Mr. Cannoli e-Liquid tastes just like the classic Italian treat! Enjoy the smooth decadent inhale of chocolate cream puffs with thins of custard, and a creamy doughnut exhale full of flavor. Don’t hog this one too long, or you might get asked to pass the Cannoli!”

If there is one thing that impresses me most, it is how Mr. Cannoli stayed true to its flavor profile. It feels like all those words above actually came to life as I enjoy every puff from this vape juice. I have to commend the well-balanced blend of chocolate and cream puff on this flavor. Minor notes of custard, doughnuts, and pastry are also present behind. So if you are a dessert lover in search for a nice doughnut flavor or some chocolate creamy taste with some hints of custard, then make sure to give this vape liquid a try.

One reason I love Mr. Cannoli is that all its flavors have been blended to perfection. Although a lot of flavor components are on the mix, one flavor does not overpower the other. This is truly one of the well-balanced juices I have tasted.

Mr. Cannoli premium e-juice is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. In terms of cloud and vapor production, this baby surely knows how to do its thing. And whether you are up to tank or drip, this will work well. As for the cloud experience, expect huge and fluffy ones that do not disperse right away. What’s more, they are cannoli-scented too! Just wow! I can definitely stay in my room the entire day vaping this.

Because Mr. Cannoli is a famous Italian dessert, its packaging is (you got that right!) all Italian as well. The vape juice is wrapped with label that has a green vintage diamond patterned background. The label also contains an image of a stereotypical Italian chef with a twirly mustache wearing a poofy white hat. Of course, the entire picture would not be complete without the chef winking and making an A-Ok sign. Just a short trivia, in Italy, that sign is called the chef’s kiss and it is a gesture of delight. So back to the vape juice… the label also has relevant product information like the brand name, nicotine level, manufacturing date, expiration date, and the usual warnings.

Mr. Cannoli is available in three different nicotine strengths. It comes in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine. I tried the 6 mg of nicotine level. This offers a mild nicotine kick and throat hit. Buy Mr. Cannoli e juice online to score some awesome deals. You can grab your own 60-mL bottle for as low as $24.99 only.

Overall, this classic Italian treat in vape juice form is something I can certainly recommend. I definitely enjoyed the creamy marcarpone combined with confectioner’s sugar and stuffed with some chocolates. Nom! The vapor and cloud production are nice too, and this is worthy to be vaped all day. I love the classic-looking packaging of course and the price that is worth every penny. You can now swap your sinful desserts after dinner and pair your cappuccino with this juice.

Happy vaping people!

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