Post DIY: What To Do After Making E Liquid

Post DIY: What To Do After Making E Liquid

Successfully mixing a fresh batch of e liquid is one thing. What you do after is entirely different. In most cases, what you do after can either make your batch of e liquid more more satisfying or the other way around. Onc you put the cover over your fresh batch of e liquid, you open the cover of an entirely new process that’s still a vital part of DIY. If you get the post DIY just as well as you got the DIY mixing process, you will have an e liquid that is absolutely exquisite, from its taste to its performance.

Just like making the e liquid itself, what you do next is not complicated. This article will cover everything you need to know about that so you can create and enjoy your own unique versions of e liquid.

Post DIY: What To Do After Making E Liquid

Step 1: Labelling Your E Liquid 

If you were using an already-made e liquid recipe then you already have a name for it. If you experimented creating an entirely new recipe, you need to come up with a name for your blend. Once you are done mixing and shaking, you will label the e liquid bottle. On the label you will write the name of the blend, the ratio of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) that you used in the mixture, the nicotine concentration, the e liquid flavour concentrates you used and their percentages, and finally, the date you created it. 

What this helps you do is to be able to organize your e liquid batches and not get confused even in the steeping process. Also, it helps you keep a record of just what you used in making the e liquid so you can easily make more just like that when the time comes. 

As an added guarantee, you should minute every detail of the process of making each batch of e liquid in a notebook. You can as well post it on forums so that others can enjoy your creativity in their own DIY journey.

Step 2: Steeping Your E Liquid

This is the next step once you are done shaking and labelling. Just like wine, e liquid gets better with age, and this is the main aim of steeping e liquid. When you steep you allow all the ingredients time to blend together. In the end, you get better flavor and better performance. Steeping time varies from flavor to flavor, and since most DIY e liquid recipes may contain more than one e liquid flavor, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. 

Fruit flavors can be vaped immediately after preparation, or you can leave it for about one week to steep. Dessert flavors need about three to four weeks to steep. While steeping you need to take note of the color and thickness of the e liquid. The more it steeps, the darker and thicker the e liquid gets. However, note that no e liquid will benefit from over four weeks of steeping.

Step 3: Testing and Tasting Your E Liquid

You will need to do this throughout the steeping process. This helps you measure the improvement of both the flavor and performance of the e liquid. Once you are satisfied with both, you may not need to continue with the steeping process. 

Post DIY: What To Do After Making E Liquid

Using a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) to test and taste your e liquid will save you from wasting coils in case your e liquid experiment went sour. It will also give you a better idea of what your e liquid feels and tastes like. To do this, start off with your favorite settings for both resistance and temperature. You can try out other settings after so you can know how your e liquid performs.

Step 4: Storing Your E liquid

One quick way to turn great e liquid sour is by storing wrongly. A common recommendation is to store your e liquid in a well sealed bottle, in a cool, dark, and dry place away from sunlight. This is because factors like heat, sunlight, and oxygen can affect the taste and performance of your e liquid.

Conclusion: Post DIY E Liquid

Once you get these right, you can be sure to enjoy every batch of e liquid that you create. You can find more information on making the perfect e liquid on Make sure to keep your e liquids away from children or pets so you do not end up with a lot of waste, or worse, a trip to the doctor.

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