Review of Mint Blend E-Liquid by VapeGreen

Vape Green does not only sell e-liquids from some of the leading brands in the industry, the company also makes its one vape juice flavors. One of the e-liquids from Vape Green is Mint Blend. This e-juice gives you the natural, soothing flavor of mint. Different mint flavors were combined to create this vape juice. Every puff will transport your palate to a world of minty goodness. There’s a hint of sweetness in this e-juice that will delight your palate.

If you enjoyed menthol cigarettes, there is a high probability that you will love Mint Blend by Vape Green. This e-liquid is generally recommended for people who are transitioning from smoking to vaping.

Vape Green’s Mint Blend is different from other e-liquids on the market because it is made with certified organic flavoring. It does not contain any sugar or artificial sweetener. What’s more, it is vegan-friendly. Mint Blend is made with vegetable glycerin and organic flavoring. It does not contain PG, and is, therefore, suitable for people who are allergic to PG.

Mint Blend by Vape Green is available in 60ml shortfill bottles; it actually contains 50ml of e-juice with a 10ml space for you to mix your nicotine to create 3mg of nicotine concentration. This is one of the best shortfill e-liquid for every vaper who loves minty flavors.

You can get a bottle of Mint Blend for only £16.99 at the Vape Green online store. Two bottles of this e-juice cost £30. Vape Green offers free delivery for every order worth over £20. Also, you can get same-day delivery if you put in your order before 3 pm.

When you purchase Mint Blend from the Vape Green online store, you get 17 points in the store’s loyalty program. You can redeem these points to get a voucher for another purchase. Visit the Vape Green online store today and check out the vast array of e-liquids and other vaping products on offer.

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