Aspire X30 Rover Kit Review

Aspire’s X30 Rover kit comes with an NX30 mod and a Nautilus X tank, which is designed for mouth to lung vaping. This is meant for vapers looking for a portable device that gives off a cool hit and for former smokers who have just switched to vaping. But this flexible device is also great for beginners and advanced vapers alike as it is not only easy to learn but can also cater to several coil sizes.

The mod which measures just 2.25 by 3.6 by 6 cm, is powered by a pre-installed 2,000-mAh LiPo battery with pass-through charging. Pass-through charging allows you to charge and vape at the same time, but this is not recommended. The 30-watt device can be charged using a standard micro-USB charger. It has a user-friendly battery indicator found on its 0.86 OLED screen.

The kit comes with the 22-mm, 510-threaded Nautilus X tank. It has a top-fill cap design, an adjustable airflow, a leak-proof design, a large Delrin drip tip, and Pyrex glass. It could store up to 2 ml of fluid. The tank has a sophisticated U-Tech coil with resistance between 0.2 ohm and 3.5 ohms. The coil is very easy to change and can last from 2 to 3 weeks with average use.

So what’s all the fuss about this U-Tech coil system? Well when you take a draw from the Nautilus X coil, the air goes in the top and passes through the coil following a U shape. This means that the air flows over the coils twice. The U-Tech coil allows you to use higher VG juice and maximize the use of the entire coil for airflow. While this tank can actually be found on several high-end large devices, its compactness on the Aspire X30 makes it appealing to most users.

If you are the cloud chaser type, then this mod may unlikely pass your personal standards. However, this is not as weak as you think it is. It still produces impressive clouds compared with other typical kits aimed at mouth to lung newbies. It also supports sub-ohm in case you want to change the 1.8 ohm already included in the kit. The provided coils are only rated for 12 to 16 watts. If you want specifics, the NX30 can output between 1 watt and 30 watts and can power coils with resistance from 0.2 ohms to 3.5 ohms.

Aside from the vapor, the kit is also provides a great taste so it is easier for you to determine which e-juice flavors suit your palate. Still, the U-Tech coil comes into play here together with the Kanthal cotton. Of note, this is a simple case of coils and it needs some breaking in before you can finally taste the flavor. So hang in there pal.

Flavor will eventually come around in a very big way once you constantly use the device. The Nautilus X tank is really true to its advertising and is great for mouth-to-lung vaping.

The Aspire X30 mod has two modes to offer, variable voltage and variable wattage. Again, this makes it ideal for newbies as the device ditches those complicated, multiple customization options. Its functions are very straight forward. There are several functions for pushing two of the three buttons together, and all these combinations can be learned from the user manual provided in the kit. The device really has only a few options for setting commands, so this will be quick to memorize.

For a device that can be carried and used discreetly anywhere and anytime, the Aspire X30 mod sure is the perfect one. It also comes with a lanyard, making it more portable. Its built-in battery also saves you from worrying of carrying around spare batteries. And the micro-USB charging port can be universally used on multiple devices.

The Aspire X30 Kit is available at for only AUD $59.95. Colors available are red, blue, black, and silver. Its kit include an Aspire NX30 mod, a Nautilus X tank, a pre-installed 1.8 ohm coil, a replacement Pyrex glass tube, a 510 adapter, a user manual, and a USB cord.

Since the Aspire X30 commits to bringing out the best flavor in an e-juice, Halo’s premium American-made e-liquids would serve as a great companion. The brand offers a variety of tasty flavors including tobacco, menthol, and gourmet or dessert flavors. All blends are up for grabs at Caktus Vape for as low as AUD $24.95 (30 ml). Make sure to secure one now!

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