Cheap E-Juice Strawberry Shortshake Eliquid Review

When you visit a shop or browse online, strawberry flavored ejuices are just everywhere and come in different varieties. But do you know how hard it is to perfectly capture this flavor in vape form? There should be a perfect balance between its sweetness and the other flavors you mix them with. After learning this fun fact, I became more appreciative of this flavor. Perhaps strawberry milkshake is one of the oldest flavors in the vaping history. And this has become a classic favorite among many vapers. Today, I am reviewing the Strawberry Shortshake eliquid from Cheap E-Juice.

“Strawberry ShortShake by Cheap eJuice is a strawberry milkshake cake flavored e-juice with fresh strawberries and vanilla ice cream on top of a freshly baked cake.’

Now, I won’t be running around and screaming to tell everyone how good this bottle is or how it stands out among the other strawberry milkshakes, but I have to say that this really captured the very essence of a strawberry shake. It has that sweet strawberry flavoring with some vanilla ice cream and cake on top.

Going in, you will get that good sweet strawberry taste. This milkshake taste lasts through until the exhale, but some creamy and cakey blends are added. Although there are three sweet flavors inside this bottle, the taste is really delicious. If you noticed they are all desserts, and you might back out thinking this can be too sweet. Trust me, you won’t even feel an itch on your throat. Everything is just so perfect and well-blended. What’s more, it does not leave you any weird or funny chemical-like aftertaste. Expect a rich and creamy taste lingering in your mouth instead, just like the feeling after finishing a real milkshake.

This blend contains 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. It is suitable both for tanks and drippers. When it comes to throat hit, this gives off a mild one, just enough to let you know that it is there. You will not feel any nose burning sensation, thirsty mouth, or desert-dry throat. I used my TFV8 to vape this, and boy, I got some solid flavor. It was a good vaping experience indeed. Check the Cheap E-Juicewebsite now to get your own bottle of Strawberry ShortShake.

Flavor and cloud chasers will surely go after this ejuice. This can easily fill any room with sweet, strawberry-scented aroma with dense and huge clouds that lingers for quite some time all over. The smell of strawberry and vanilla is distinct and enjoyable. The vapor from this juice is pretty awesome too.

The ejuice has a thick consistency but not thick or sticky enough to kill your coil or atomizer. Quality of nicotine is fair and is offered in two levels. The 3 mg of nicotine version of the Strawberry ShortShake is subtle enough that will not cause any coughing or spluttering. This is suitable for newbies who just want to get a taste of an ejuice with nicotine. The 6 mg version of course is stronger but still not harsh. Previous cigarette smokers who are used to the hit of cigarette smoke will likely choose this level.

Cheap E-Juice is not only good on making delicious flavors but also presenting its products. I like the simple and straightforward appeal of the juice. The design is not complicated I can easily find my way through all the information. The label also serves as a summary of what you need to know about the product. It includes brand name, flavor name, size content, nicotine level, manufacturing date, expiration date, and the usual warnings.

The Strawberry ShortShake eliquid comes in a 120 mil chubby gorilla bottle equipped with a child-resistant cap. It also has a needle drip tip that allows you to transfer eliquid directly, easily, and cleanly into any atomizer or dripper.

But what makes Cheap E-Juice’s products unbeatable is the price it offers. Where in this vaping world can you find a 120 mil premium quality ejuice for as low as $12.99? I have been vaping for quite some time and anything under 15 bucks will never stand close to this.

Cheap E-Juice has a wide array of flavors categorized in different collections. For dessert type blends, the company also has Coconut Cake, Glazed Donut, Lemon Cake, and Vanilla Cake on its lineup. Shop online to get the best eliquid deals.

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