Review of Hop Scotch by Humble Juice

Hop Scotch e-liquid by Humble Juice is a mouth-watering butterscotch custard blend that also contains toffee and vanilla flavor. This e-juice is for every vaper who loves decadent desserts. It has a smooth, creamy taste. This e-liquid tastes like it contains caramel, but it is not too sweet. You can chain vape it without getting vaper’s tongue. The flavor of Hop Scotch has been compared to a vanilla ice cream drizzled with butterscotch, caramel, and toffee. This is certainly an all day vape.

You can buy Hop Scotch from any top vape shop. A 120ml bottle of Hop Scotch is going for just $24.99 on the official Humble store.

Hop Scotch by Humble Juice has a sweet, creamy and buttery flavor. The flavor of this e-juice is so sumptuous that you will start salivating the moment you open a bottle of this e-liquid. The butterscotch flavor of this blend is very rich, but it is not overwhelming. This e-juice tastes like it contain hints of coffee and salt. When vaping Hop Scotch, the butterscotch and toffee flavor stand out on the inhale. You will get the creamy vanilla flavor on the exhale. This is a rich dessert vape with a full-bodied flavor. Although it is sweet, it doesn’t taste sugary. Hop Scotch is perfect for vaping with your morning coffee, but you can enjoy it at any time of the day.

All Humble Juice e-liquids are pre-steeped for two weeks or longer before they hit the market. This means you do not have to set the e-juice aside for some time before you can enjoy the true flavor. If you buy Hop Scotch and it doesn’t taste as it should, do not hesitate to steep it for like one week. Steeping works best for e-liquids that contain nicotine.

Humble Juice’s Hop Scotch has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 80/20. It is not as thick as some other MAX VG e-liquids. You can choose to vape it using either a sub ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). Hop Scotch is surprisingly easy on coils. You will not have to deal with coil gunk after vaping this e-juice for some time. The vapor production of Hop Scotch is fantastic. You will get gigantic clouds of milky vapor from each hit. This is the kind of e-liquid to grab when you want to impress your buddies with your cloud production skills.

Hop Scotch is produced with different nicotine strength levels. You can get this e-liquid with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. This e-juice has a light throat hit. If you want an intense throat hit, you may need to go for 6mg of nicotine. You could also mix Hop Scotch with another e-liquid that has higher nicotine levels to enhance its throat hit. All Humble Juice blends are made with high-grade nicotine so you will not get any throat irritation from vaping this e-liquid even when you turn up the wattage.

Hop Scotch comes with the usual packaging design that is used for all the e-liquids in the Humble Juice line. It comes in a clear gorilla unicorn bottle which is fitted with a childproof cap. You will have no problems filling a tank or dripping e-juice on your coils directly from the bottle. There is a label on the bottle which includes the Humble logo as well as some useful information about the e-liquid.

Humble Juice is one of the top brands in the US vaping market. This company makes premium e-liquids which are sold at comparatively low prices. All Humble e-liquids are manufactured privately with high-quality ingredients sourced from US-based suppliers. This company has six different e-liquid lines namely Humble Juice, Humble Ice Juice, Havoc Juice, Hustle Juice, Havana Juice, and SVLT Juice.

Hop Scotch is one of 10 e-juice flavors in the Humble Juice series. The other e-liquids in the same line are Pee Wee Kiwi, Vape The Rainbow, Sweater Puppets, Donkey Kahn, Berry Blow Doe, Smash Mouth, American Dream, Humble Crumble, and Unicorn Treats. Check out the official Humble Juice store for more e-juice deals like this one.

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