Halo Tribeca Ejuice Review

Halo has always been known for its delicious and spot on flavors. Through the years, it has provided its consumers premium quality products with professional packaging and satisfactory customer service. As one blog points out, Halo sees to it its consumers not only start with them but also stay and grow with them. Perhaps one of its most popular eliquids is Halo Tribeca ejuice. Beefy details about this ejuice are provided below. (Visit www.nzecigstore.co.nz to see the product. )

According to Halo Cigs, “Tribeca E-liquid is a new ultra-smooth tobacco e-liquid with fantastic flavor all its own. Tribeca E-liquid has definitive tobacco undertones with a semi-sweet top note that is reminiscent of RY4 e-liquid and other treasured tobacco e-liquid blends with slight hints of vanilla and caramel. Tribeca E-liquid delivers a solid throat hit and excellent vapor production.”

Although listed under tobacco flavors, Tribeca is the sweetest tobacco flavor offered by Halo. It has an ultra-smooth and delicious tobacco flavor made from toasted nuts, vanilla, and caramel. Such complexity makes the taste buds come to life and you just end up wanting to take in as much as you can at one time. Going in, this ejuice offers an explosion of all these rich flavors. Then greener woodsy tobacco notes start to reveal itself on the way out. In case you are familiar with HHV’s Huntsman or Yaeliq’s Burley, I think I can compared them side by side with Tribeca, although each still has its own unique characteristics to boast.

Tribeca has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio based on Halo Standards. This formula has been kept by Halo to prevent others from copying their perfect combo. This perfect all-day vape ejuice offers a consistent and flavorful vapor produced on each puff. It also offers a nice and smooth throat hit, with a nicotine kick mild enough just to let you know it is there. But overall, this baby gives an extremely clean and crisp vape experience. Every penny you spend is actually worth it.

This vape liquid has a nice consistency. It has a golden light brown color, and when you do a smell test, your nostrils will be graced with the pleasant scent of maple-caramel aroma starting to fill in the air. Tribeca is actually an RY4. This is the name given for tobacco e-liquids with vanilla and caramel flavor. This is also very suitable for tobacco lovers who are not in search for some exotic Perique or Cavendish tastes. For die-hard Halo fans, its usual ‘perfumey’ or ‘powdery’ aftertaste may not surprise them. But for newbies, it can be a bit nasty especially when using a bottom coil clearomizer. However, this is not applicable to all flavors though.

In terms of packaging, Halo flaunts  very nice packaging with an attractive product art for Tribeca. The image shows what top notes are to be expected from this bottle, that is, sweet earth tones and shades of grain and brown. The ejuice comes in its signature blue bottle with a child-resistant dropper cap. The bottle displays relevant product information such as the brand name, flavor name, nicotine level, and size.

There are four nicotine strength options available for Halo Tribeca. It comes in 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg, and 12 mg of nicotine. At 12 mg, the throat hit is mild to moderate with no harshness at all. It also gives a satisfying drag.

This five-star rated ejuice sells for as low as NZD $31.50 only (30 mL) at NZ Ecig Store. In conclusion, I am highly recommending this ejuice especially for those tobacco lovers. You will definitely its smooth tobacco experience with hints of vanilla and caramel to give each puff a sweet finish.

Halo has been blending high quality ejuices since 2009. Its products have been widely distributed not only across the World Wide Web but also on brick and mortar locations. This US-based firm also boasts of being the first major eliquid company to craft its own eliquids instead of reselling ready-made ejuices from China. Currently, Halo is one of the biggest eliquid makers in the market with tons of products to offer. All its products prioritize creative blends, high vapor production, and solid nicotine satisfaction even at lower nicotine level.  Happy Halo vaping!


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