Volcano Vaporizer Review

The Volcano is one of the most popular vaporizers ever produced. This device was made by Germany’s Storz and Bickel. This vaporizer has stood out in the market for many reasons; it is easy to use, it has a durable design, and it produces top quality vapor. If you are looking to invest in a premium herb vaporizer that will serve you for years to come, then the Volcano is worth considering. You can also use this device to vape oil and concentrate using the liquid pad.

There are two versions of the Volcano Vaporizer. In term of design, the only difference between the two devices is that the classic Volcano has a dial knob for controlling the temperature while temperature control can be done digitally in the other device, which comes with a display and two buttons. The digital version of the Volcano Vaporizer costs $120 more than the classic version. In this review, we will be talking about the classic Volcano Vaporizer, but most of the things here also apply to the other version.

The Volcano Vaporizer is incredibly easy to use. There are three components to this device. You have the main unit, the herb chamber, and the balloon that you attach to it and fill with vapor.

This vaporizer uses a convection heating system which guarantees zero combustion. You will get clean, rich clouds of vapor. The device is made of heat-resistant materials, so it does not get hot even when you turn up the temperature. It is easy to control the temperature of this device using the dial knob. However, the digital version of the Volcano allows for more precise temperature control. The heating system of this Storz and Bickel device is remarkable. The only problem is that it can take a few minutes to heat up – five to seven minutes to be precise. The recommended temperature range of this device is 5.5 to 6.5.

The herb chamber of the Vaporizer can hold up to 0.4 gram of dry herb. The device works great whether you load up the chamber or keep it partially empty. It takes the device only a few seconds to fill a balloon once you set it up. There are two types of valves for the balloon; the solid valve and the easy valve. The solid valve is reusable, but the easy valve is not. With the solid valve, you can customize your balloons. Also, you can save some money as compared to buying easy valve balloons. However, you have to deal with cleaning the valves which is not very difficult. The good news for those who prefer easy valve bags is that you can use it for up to 100 times before you throw it away. As a rule, stop using the bag if you start to see residue buildup inside it.

How the Volcano Vaporizer Works

First, you need to switch on the power button at the base of the Volcano Vaporizer. A yellow light will come on when the device is on. Next, set your desired temperature and leave it to heat up for about five to seven minutes. When the heating elements have been properly activated, the yellow light will go off. While it heats up, you need to prepare your herb. The Volcano comes with a herb grinder that works very well. Once you have loaded your herb into the herb chamber, simply attach it to the balloon, and then fix it to the heating element on top of the vaporizer. You need to press the air control button to start loading the balloon. How the Volcano Vaporizer works is that air is sent through the heating chamber; this creates the vapor that gets into the balloon. There is a filter at the base of the device that ensures dust and debris do not get into the balloon.

If you want thin clouds of vapor, start at a low temperature and turn it up to get the kind of vapor consistency that you desire. If you want thick clouds, you can freely pump up the temperature.

Once there is enough vapor in the balloon, you can shut off the firing button and detach the balloon from the herb chamber. Then attach your mouthpiece and start vaping. Depending on how much vapor you load up, you can get up to 10 hits or less from each bag.

It is very easy to maintain the Volcano Vaporizer. The only part that you need to clean is the herb chamber, and the package includes a brush for cleaning it. From time-to-time, you need to replace some parts like the filter screen under the device.

You can get the Volcano herbal vaporizer from virtually any top vape store. This device usually costs about $380, but you can get it on Ejuice Pack for only $326.80.

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