Review of Relx Infinity Charging Case

Relx Infinity Charging case is a customized charging device for the Relx Infinity. Apart from the USB port that is provided for charging the Relx Infinity Devices, you can also charge the device using the portable charging case. You can easily put it in your pocket or bag. All you need to do is charge the case and then using it to power your Infinity vape pen. You can use the same charger for the Relx Essential vape pen.

The battery capacity of the Relx Infinity Charging case is 1000mAmh and this can provide power up for an extra two days for your device. With this charging case, you never have to worry about running out of power. This case is not heavy as you may think. Instead, it is lightweight and compact and this makes it the best fit for travel. The case is made of highly durable materials. In addition to charging it, the case protects the battery from scratches and exposure to the elements.

Relx Infinity Charging Case is constructed with advanced technology. When recharging the device, you do not have to connect any wires because it has a wireless charging dock. You can get this award-winning charging case for only $25 at

Relx Infinity charging case, just like other Relx products, is ultra modern and functional. The charging case produces sound and vibrate to notify you when the connection is made and when the battery is full. This device makes Infinity and Essential a fun and easy process.

Relx case comes with a user manual to help you know how to operate this product. All you need to do is follow the instructions in the manual.

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